Thanks a lot for visiting our emerging blog. You will get a ton of information about swimming costumes like swimming caps, goggles, fins, paddle etc. on our blog. Swimming is one of the most popular outdoor activity in the world. Many people are passionate about swimming in pools as well as in open water. To enjoy a swimming activity you should wear a appropriate costumes before entering into water therefore we are listing huge reviews and guide articles about swimming costumes on our blog. Lets start with some of them.

Swimming caps:

A swim cap is a head gear, worn on head during swimming for various reasons, usually by those people who are passionate swimmers and it is a compulsory accessory for both recreational and competitive swimmers.

Swim caps is probably the most important among all other costumes. There are different types of swimming caps in the market based on the material. Every type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Swim caps are generally used for keeping hair dry while swimming and protecting hair from chlorine in the water. You can read detailed guide about swimming caps in other articles on this blog.

Types of swim caps:

There are total 4 types of swimming caps based on the type of material they are made of. Every type of swim cap has its own positive and negative effects. Selection should be based on conditions and requirements of swimmers.

  1. Swim cap made of neoprene
  2. Lycra Swim cap
  3. Swimming cap made of Silicone
  4. Latex Swimming cap

Why wearing swim a cap is necessary for swimmers?

Today swimming is not allowed without swimming caps, they are an incredible part of s swimmer’s swim bag. They have number of advantages in a swimmers life, these swimming caps are small in size but have a great impact while swimming. Apart from protecting your hair style, these swimming caps also protect your hairs and scalp from harmful chlorine and it is a proven fact that chlorine in a long run has adverse effect on hairs and skin. It can also cause discoloring of hairs. These swimming caps also provide protection against other harmful chemicals other than chlorine.

For swimmers who swims in open water like rivers and lakes it protects against cold water and cold strokes. They also reduce the drag resistance inside water which results in greater swimming speed. In summers if you swim in open pool they protect your head from direct sunlight and heat stroke.

It also keeps your hairs intact during swimming and prevents them from falling into swimming pool as this can jam the filters of swimming pool and make them dirty and unhygienic. Another advantage of wearing swimming caps which makes them necessary to wear is that they provide protection to your ears.

Caution: One must know how to wear swimming caps as wearing them without proper knowledge can hurt and rip the hair off scalp. So before wearing it makes sure you have good idea about how to wear swimming cap.

Different ways of wearing swimming cap

Swimming caps protect your hair from number of things and they keep them dry, while you are swimming but if you don’t wear it carefully you may end up hurting yourself by pulling your hairs.

Now day’s most swimming caps are made up of latex, Lycra or silicone and they hold your hairs and scalps very tightly and if you don’t put it rightly you will rip your hair off and they can even get wet while swimming.

Make sure that your hairs are wet before you wear swimming caps; avoid a snug fit as this will not allow water to get inside the cap while you are swimming. Now hold the cap from both the hands and wear it from fore head and then pull it back towards the neck by stretching it properly by using your fingers. Swimmers with long hairs are advised to make a tight bun from their hair before they can put on the swimming cap.

You can also wear a single swim cap or double swim cap and you can decide it based on your needs and requirements.

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