Friday, May 4, 2007

LaVena Johnson autopsy results: "inconclusive"

Last night's KMOV-TV story (including video) on the case of Pfc. LaVena Johnson - an account of her body's exhumation and autopsy - provided little progress in the attempt to clarify the cause of her death in Iraq in 2005. The autopsy team, which included St. Louis chief medical examiner Dr. Michael Graham and St. Louis County medical examiner Dr. Mary Case, reported inconclusive findings after a three-hour examination. The process will now move to include the weapon - an M-16 rifle - which may have fatally wounded LaVena. More findings will be posted as they are made available.

The KMOV report was made notable by the inclusion of a comment by Senator Claire McCaskill:

We've gotta find the truth about what happened to this young lady. Her family deserves that at a minimum, and we need to know in terms of keeping the armed services accountable.

McCaskill's comment marks the first time that the freshman senator from Missouri, and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has spoken publicly on the LaVena Johnson story.

As the autopsy process moves forward, it is more important than ever that citizens continue to encourage Congress to bring its official attention to Lavena's story, and to compel the Army to revisit the investigation of her death. You can help by signing the petition to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, then directly contacting your legislator on those committees.


SP Biloxi said...

I sent an email to the Oversight Committee to investigate LeVena Johnson's death.