Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome, Stumblers!

Many, many thanks to wordylefty who reviewed at StumbleUpon my most recent AlterNet post on LaVena, and thanks also to the many people who have, ah, Stumbled on in. Your support is most appreciated!


SP Biloxi said...

I received an email today from from someone who read my article about LaVena Johnson. The email reads:

Sarah Small is my cousin. I wish someone would tell me what happened to her. I know she did not die in a car wreck. Could you try to find out about her?

My heart goes out to LaVena's friends and family.

Here is info about Ms. Small:

Sarah Katherine Small
First Lieutenant, United States Air Force

9/21/2005 - LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Virginia (AFPN) -- The Airman who died September 19, 2005, in a motor vehicle accident in Egypt has been identified.
First Lieutenant Sarah Small, a public affairs officer assigned to the Air and Space Expeditionary Force Center here, was in Egypt supporting Exercise Bright Star, a recurring joint/combined training exercise, when the accident occurred.

The 25-year-old Herndon, Virginia, native arrived at Langley in November 2003 and had been on active duty since 2002. She was a 2002 graduate of Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia.

I have very little information about Ms. Small. I posted Ms. Small's bio on my blog and ask the person who sent me the email to share his/her informstion about Ms. Small.

mrscmsj said...

I am the one who left the comment about Sarah Small. I have been checking my comment on the other page and just "stumbled upon" this page.

I visited my cousin just before she left for Egypt. She was ready to go at that time. She had redone her will and everything. I asked her if she was coming back and she did not give me a straight answer.

The story is that Sarah was in a car, well minivan, on a road near Alexandria. She was in the middle seat. Her driver was Egyptian. She had a bodyguard in the passengers seat and behind her.

The driver fell asleep at the wheel and over corrected. Sarah was thrown from the vehicle because her seatbelt malfunctioned (first she was not wearing one, but I know she would never go anywhere without it. She made me wear mine to the mailbox!) Her neck was broken. Her Star of David was jerked from her neck. Her American Flag on her uniform was torn off.

I was told the Egyptian driver ran off. I was also told that the bodyguards were in the hospital. No one talked with the 2 men until later. They told a family member the same story I told you above. They also had no idea about the necklace and the flag.

I feel that those two airmen lied like the ones in Luvenia's case. I feel that my cousin was murdered and I want whoever knows what happened to ease my family's pain. Not knowing what happened is torture for all of us. We cannot begin to heal until we know the truth.

I have always known that the government does not reveal all information. They cannot for security, and I do not have any problem with that. But, my family and Lunvenia's cannot heal over a loss if we do not understand what happened. If Sarah was murdered then tell us. We do not need the details, but we know something is off. We want to heal. We are not asking for classified information. We just need to know the way in which she was taken from us.

Thanks for having this site, and any guidance or information would be great. Feel free to email me @