Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dr. John Johnson speaks on LaVena's death at VFP event

The father of PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson, Dr. John Johnson of Florissant, Missouri.

Dr. Johnson spoke last Friday at the Veterans for Peace speakout on sexual assault in the military outside the Robert A. Young Federal Building in downtown St. Louis. This was just one of many events and workshops comprising the 22nd annual national convention of VFP. More material relating to the convention will be posted here as soon as I can get to it.

In the video embedded here, Dr. Johnson talks about learning of LaVena's death, his suspicions about how she died, and the family's attempts to get the Army to reopen its investigation. He is introduced by antiwar activist and retired Army colonel Ann Wright.

As always, I ask you to help the Johnson family by signing the petition to the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, and by directly contacting your Senator or Representative on those legislative bodies. Thank you.


SP Biloxi said...

Thank you for sharing Dr. Johnson's speech. I will post this info for my readers to watch the video. I am glad that Dr. Johnson is speaking out!

PhilipBarron said...

Thanks much for relaying the video to your readers! It's very encouraging, and I hope that many others will do likewise.

SP Biloxi said...

Let's hope so. Readers and other bloggers can hear from out of Dr. Johnson's mouth about his daughter LaVena and what he and his family were told bythe Army about LaVena's death. And he gives a lot of criditability having a strong military background. From viewing the video, beyond the reasonal doubt, LaVena was murdered and her case is being covered up. I am looking for more updates as I will do a followup article on LaVena very soon.

Kangarooo said...

Great ppl!
Stand Up!