Friday, January 18, 2008

Regarding personal information

Following the most recent post on the LaVena petition, a correspondent asked for assurance that the names and information of signatories will not be used for other purposes. This is a potential concern that I should have allayed on the day that I launched this petition, and I apologize for not doing so.

To make things clear, then: The names and personal information of petition signatories will not be used for any purpose other than the stated one - appealing to the members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. The petition database will be deleted following the successful delivery of the petition.

Other questions on this matter, or other aspects of the petition effort, are welcome.


SP Biloxi said...


I will post your latest post on petition to reopen LaVena on my blog. I appreciate your hard work.


SP Biloxi
Justice League

Philip Barron said...

SP: Thanks much! You should know that I appreciate all you've done on behalf of LaVena's memory and family.

Julie said...

There are people who live outside the US who would like to sign the petition. Is that possible with the State selection as mandatory, but the country selelction is not?

Philip Barron said...

Julie: Apologies for not replying sooner! Your signature, and those of others outside the US, are most welcome - indeed, there are already several signatures from folks outside this country. I'd suggest choosing any state you like just for the sake of fulfilling the mandatory state info. If you would also fill out your country info and mention in the comment field that you do live outside the US, I'll know to delete that state info later when I'm working with the downloaded file. Any other questions, please let me know - and thanks.