Monday, March 31, 2008

Last days of the petition

The last day of the name-gathering phase of the petition to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees is Friday, April 18. As that day approaches, I'll work on formatting the petition and making arrangements for delivery to the lawmakers on those committees, and will add more names as they appear on the online list.

A note about formatting: The names and comments of the signatories will be included, but ZIP code and state information will not.

I'll post more information about the process in the coming days. Thanks very much for your attention, and for your help in communicating LaVena's story.


Rocky said...

oh you welcome Phillip, man i tell ya..i think about this girl from time to time..from readin the basic stuff about her life, i noticed how me and her have a few things in common..cause see, i'm also from Missouri, i was in band back in middle school i played the trumphet, i also donate blood from time to time, and i do participate in charitiy events like Lavena, so, we both like to help and care about people, i too could've went on to college but yet, i decided to join the army as a supply clerk, and she was a supply manager so we probably had the same MOS, but man.. she inspires me to keep drivin on, not take things for granted and always expect the unexpected..Phillip man, keep'em comin, good bless her family