Thursday, July 31, 2008

LaVena post at Crooks & Liars

Crooks & Liars returns to the story of PFC LaVena Johnson with a post by Logan Murphy:

Nicole and I have both written posts about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of PFC LaVena Johnson, and Democracy Now! had a heartbreaking interview with her family last week. LaVena’s family has worked hard to find the truth about her death and have finally had a breakthrough in the case. Unfortunately, the new details they uncovered are so disturbing that they could potentially make the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories pale in comparison. The above video from Cenk of The Young Turks captures my exact feelings about this horrific case. What you’re about to read will sicken and enrage you.

Murphy references a June 2008 article on LaVena from the St. Louis American (last link in the quote), and mentions today's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs hearing on sexual assault in the military.


Cooper said...

I've been writing about this for a few weeks and up until that time I had not heard of Lavena Johnson.

That article pointed out in Crooks and Liars is almost two months old - and yet no MSM picked up on it. I am astounded.

I'm happy some of the large progressive blogs are finally starting to cover it but when will the media as a whole cover this?
I can't fins anything in the NYT, wapo, BG,McClatchy hasn't covered it.

how can this be?

Sydney said...

It has ALWAYS been my contention that the reason we are in Iraq has nothing to do with oil or freedom or peace, but CONTRACTS and KICKBACKS. Obviously, Cheney, Bush & Co. need us there as long as possible to protect those assets. Pretty difficult for those lucrative contract dollars from companies like Halliburton et al to keep pouring in if you don't have troops guarding the largesse. And you can't tell me there isn't money going into some numbered accounts for Bush and crew. Hell, Cheney took part of his publically up front and people hardly batted an eye. Kanye West only got it partially right. George Bush doesn't care about black people, but he doesn't really care about the troops either. He just needs them right now.

Aubrie said...

I've never cried over a news report before until now. This makes me so angry...with the military, with America, with the whole fucking world.

Please tell me there is something I can do to help.