Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MySpace write-up on Lavena; credit for connection to ColorofChange

Kim Brummell, an Army veteran and member of the North Carolina American Civil Liberties Union, has written about PFC LaVena Johnson in a post titled "Deadly Wall of Silence."

How will cases like this affect women signing up for the service and staying in the military? How will it affect the respect citizens have for our soldiers? How could we trust the military to help secure this nation when we may have cold-blooded murderers in a uniform wearing a U.S. flag? I got nothing but love for the military. The service taught me a lot. On the contrary, an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. Where can you run and hide when your allies become your enemies?

Thanks much to Kim for her perspective as a former soldier and for her expression of concern for the service, for women in uniform, and for the Johnson family.

I also want to thank two people who - through separate efforts at the same time - brought the LaVena effort to the attention of Activist Danielle Vyas contacted the advocacy group even as she launched her own Care2-based petition to Congress and the President. Gemina13, a DailyKos blogger, wrote a diary there about LaVena and also contacted ColorofChange. Their efforts helped to bring about the ColorofChange-sponsored petition to Representative Henry Waxman and the House Oversight Committee which he chairs. Thanks again, very much, to both Danielle and Gemina13.


peacekeepertwo said...

As a Vietnam era Veteran, I find it Appalling that men, who call themselves Christians, would rape a female soldier. and then there superiors, who also say they are Christians, would cover it up. In my days in the military we would not call ourselves, we new were serving the devil. And we carry the guilt of our past with until we die.

Danielle said...

I just finished watching the Democracy Now! Program and with Color of Change on the case we are seeing progress.

I deeply appreciate your gratitude, it is a real form of encouragement.

In light and love

Danielle Vyas

fairouza said...