Friday, July 11, 2008

New LaVena petition to Congress and the President

As you will recall, the original LaVena Johnson petition to the Armed Services Committees of the House and the Senate - asking those bodies to compel the Army to reopen the investigation of LaVena's death in Iraq - closed on May 23. I'm currently arranging with an organization for delivery of the petition to the legislators on those committees.

For the many people who have recently heard of LaVena's story and are looking for ways to help, activist Danielle Vyas has launched a new and separate petition effort on the Care2 network (also noted by Bruce Combs in comments). The Justice for LaVena Johnson petition is addressed to both houses of Congress and President Bush. Danielle's goal is one thousand signatures; after a full day, the count currently stands at 108.

I am very grateful to Danielle for sponsoring this new petition. I'll add my own name to the list today. This effort belongs to no single person; the more voices that can be raised in support of the Johnson family, the better.


Danielle said...

I am grateful to you.

When I created the petition my goal was higher and it'll be open until 2009, hopefully it won't be needed then.

Just doing what I can for justice and truth. If more people took an active role in restoring our Nation, we would be rocking in no time.

In light and love


SP Biloxi said...


Thanks for the update. and I signed the petition. Although I commend Danielle for this petition, I am really in doubt that President Bush will do anything into the LaVena's case giving his track record as President and the fact that the Tillman family don't have all the answers to Pat Tillman's death as well as other soldiers.

However, I would recommend to continue this fight and also contact Barak Obama since he is running for President. If Obama wins in November, I would recommend to contact Obama to have LaVena's case as a top priority on his agenda come January. That's my 2 cents!

zealwriter said...

I have heard this account on WVON in Chicago and I was appauld by what I heard. I think that the decision made not to look at the physical evidence only raises more questions as to "why not"?
This is why a Rev. Jackson & Rev. Sharpton are still relevant in our society b/c when there is injustice there needs to be those who are sworn to fight for liberty for all.
I hope to see those like Tavis Smiley as well as any one else that has been a bull horn in our community. Oh, and where are all those Hip Hop artist that are so praised?
I hope the family of this young lady will find closure and justice prevailing in relation to this horrific event.