Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wikipedia page for LaVena

In the wake of several online articles on the death in Iraq of PFC LaVena Johnson and her family's efforts to prompt a renewed investigation by the Army, Loren from Chicago saw that there was no Wikipedia entry for LaVena and so created one. There are links to several references and also to the official LaVena website. I am very grateful to Loren for this; it had not occurred to me to create a Wikipedia entry. The efforts and ideas of other people are invaluable and can only help bring greater attention to LaVena's story.


SP Biloxi said...


Great news!

I will post it on the blog.


Bruce Combs said...

The Petition Site at care2 is promoting a petition to all members of Congress.



Skip the prose if you wish -- it's the message I left on the petition site comments with profile photo, signature #54 -- just go sign the petition above. If you've already signed, go down to the site at the end below and add some more names: family, friends, especially non-care2 members!


Now here's the message I left on the petition site:

ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS! Let this be something all -- especially women -- consider long and hard before entering the military to protect the USA and the rights all are promised! I wish my deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Ms Lavena Johnson. Although words fail really to help, what else can one do. Please know that we signers are outraged at this and so many other actions reported about our government. How many more no doubt go unreported. WE WILL NOT END OUR COMMITMENT AND ACTIONS TO PUBLICIZE THIS AND SIMILAR INHUMAN ACTIONS UNTIL THOSE IN POWER AT EVERY LEVEL, FROM OUR ELECTED LEADERS IN THE WHITE HOUSE ON DOWN TO THE MILITARY PERSONELL RESPONSIBLE FOR IRREVERENTLY COVERING UP SUCH HEINOUS TRUTHS.

Meanwhile, let me add to those who have any power over this one of many atrocities, first SHAME HAUNT YOU UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO WORK FOR AND DECLARE AND PUBLICIZE TRUTH! Then be aware of all I have said above. WE CAN! AND WE SHALL OVERCOME such evils. More and more of us in disgust are abandoning support of our government and such inhuman actions lacking any concern for human life -- even for those in the military to fight for our side and our govenment.

So please do consider our plea carefully and conscientiously, not forgetting the safety and freedom for your own family and friends and all of your and their progeny. Thank you for your attention to our urging, our mental, emotional, and physical commitments, and our prayers. Yours most sincerely, Bruce Combs bcombs@ecologyfund.net


If you've already signed, please try to list some more people you know at the site below!


Also, I just learned of a web site dedicated to Ms LaVena Johnson:


Danielle said...

Thank you Bruce for highlighting the petition!

I am so glad it's being found and since Phil's recent post. I know the signatures and call for justice will be renewed.

In light and love


RB said...

My Mom and Step-dad both served in the U.S. Army (he retired), so they are both aware that this type of Maltreatment towards female Soldiers is common.

It shouldn't be the norm but it is.

I posted a story about PFC Lavena Johnson on my blog (VoteMeCool 2008/http://votemecool.blogspot.com) on Thursday and Friday which led to several visits from DoD Personnel at Military Bases and from Arlington, VA (possibly the Pentagon) reading it.

My Mom also signed the Petition.

I love my Country and fully support the U.S. Military but this kind of unresolved stuff just isn't right.

Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I condone this kind of behavior.

How can those in "Leadership" who are aware of this ongoing crap, sleep at night?

God Help Us


JohnH said...

This murder of PFC LaVena Johnson, a third generation of military service, is nothing shorter than a modern day Emmet Till lynching, and what makes it even more appalling is that the perpetrators are some of the very people that we rely on for the freedom, liberty, and protection of our country.

We cannot afford to let the military sweep this one under the rug. This crime needs to be on the front page of every media outlet until Congress forces the military to find and prosecute every person that was involved in this murder-torture cover-up!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”!

John H