Friday, August 1, 2008

LaVena PDF handout available

Kriss Avery of the Gateway Green Alliance in St. Louis created a one-page handout for use by Dr. John Johnson when he spoke at this year’s NOW National Conference about his daughter LaVena. Kriss has been kind enough to make that document available for anyone who wants to help spread the word about LaVena and the effort to prompt a new investigation of her death in Iraq.

Just click the link to directly download the file.

Revised: The previous (and free) download account failed for unknown reasons. I've replaced it with a more straightforward method you see above. Many apologies for the earlier snafu!


sturange said...

I have downloaded the handouts and My Husband and I will be passing them out tomorrow. Having been a female in the Army I am aware of the dangers we face from our very own. I have also emailed both of my state Senators and my Congressman. I called the White House and left a message. At the very least, I am another OUTRAGED voice for this Beautiful Young Woman and her Family.