Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Status note on Care2 petition for LaVena

A quick check of the Justice for LaVena Johnson petition authored by activist Danielle Vyas and hosted at the Care2 petition site - addressed to Congress and the President - shows that it is just 45 signatures shy of its goal of 3000! Excellent work, Danielle! If you haven't stopped by to lend your name to the list, please take a couple of minutes to do so.

Update: And now we find that the Vyas petition has already bested its goal by fifteen signatures - so far! Many thanks to Danielle for her activism on behalf of LaVena and her family, and for everyone who signed her petition and helped bring attention to it.


Changeseeker said...

I've posted to my blog this morning, asking folks to sign your petition. I hope it helps.

David Lester Young said...

Private LaVena Johnson Military Iraq Rape and Killing

Private in the U.S. Army serving in Iraq upon duty,
Body burned by someone from her own military base.
Nineteen year old minor in service for her nation,
Never to reach 21, where one becomes this full adult.

Another body bag they claimed committed suicide
With trauma mark bruises, ‘n abrasions ‘n broken teeth
Closing the case like a coffin door hidden from view,
Flag covered miscarriage of Military Tribunal Justice.

This Angel was a segregated casualty of a poor family
Congress inept to investigate deaths labeled suicides
Walking Wounded parents in dislocated shoulder coverups
Military having Blackwater unchallenged reign raping minors.

Where is the DoD sexual assault prevention programs?
Where is the accountability to those soldiers parents?
Had the victim been an officer they would have responded,
Bringing everything to bear for the honor of class distinction.

The shame of the DoD denying Congress senior civilian in
Charge of Sexual Assault Prevention to testify in there contempt
Of Congress’s role to make our Military accountable to
“We the people” whose children are serving those Bush’s Wars.

If it was one of Bush’s daughters, who were serving over there,
There would be a furry of political action in Conservative righteousness.
But you see Private LaVena Johnson is from the wrong side of the tracks
That was told their daughter committed suicide with bruises and contusions.

Meaning no disrespect to her remains, she needs to have another autopsy
And if the report, say rape and murder, then a Federal lawsuit for defamation
Of character should be filled against those who signed and knew of the coverup
That they be drummed out of the service as traitors to their fellow soldiers
Even if they are not Bush DoD officers.
So Veterans, Walking Wounded, and Veteran family members
Petition for respect the memory of Private LaVena Johnson
That if interned they are returned with a Full Honor Guard gun salute

David Lester Young 08/07/08